The Bagel: Returns

Yelp tells me people haven't stopped caring about bagels, nor have they stopped comparing everything to New York, which is a gloriously imprecise statement in itself. Juicy! 

I am the same person I was before, and also different. Therefore I will take both the same and different approach to writing this. For example, it's The Daily Bagel, but it's not The Daily Bagel, because it's just The Bagel. The identity change resulted from a revelation that I no longer needed to think at the end of each and every day, "I wonder what I'll write about bagels tomorrow." I am talking about the identity of this publication, but also not, because I am talking about my own identity too.

The other day-- yesterday to be specific-- I had the great honor of being asked a question about bagels. Actually, someone else was talking about bagels, at which point I inserted myself and asked a question about bagels, which I then winningly answered. Most gratifying it was to realize I knew a thing or two about the endearing rings of dough, things that other people did not know and yet were happy to learn. 

That I could have told any of them where they could get a good bagel in the towns they hailed from is a comfort I kept to myself, but I could have done it. At this point I understood how, in a concrete way, I could truly be useful to someone, and I thought, "I feel I can write again!" 

I of course didn't want to talk about any of this when I began this post. What I wanted to say was that Bundy's Bagels in Portland has five Yelp stars. Five. Fourteen photos, forty five reviews, and FIVE stars. It's a food truck, and not only do the bagels look something tasty, but Joel the owner looks so friendly that I thought, "wow, Joel the owner looks really friendly." Furthermore, Joel claims to eat at least one bagel from his batch everyday, and if that's why he has such a big smile on his face, then I WANT ONE TOO.

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