Brand exercise

I've hired myself to be my copywriter. I am the brand, and I am the copywriter. 

Me: What's your brand about?

Me: Documenting the world and finding the stories that move people to do and be. 

Me: What do you do?

Me: Research, write, edit, draw

Me: Who are you?

Me: Laura. A highly self motivated and intense person who demands excellence of herself. Simultaneously a steady, stable, calm, super friendly, deeply caring and sensitive shabambang. 

Me: What do you do, part two?

Me: I walk the walk.

Me: Part three?

Me: I make people rich. With culture, knowledge, hope, and general good juju. 

Me: Anything else to add?

Me: What is added will be subtracted, and what's subtracted will be added, for all is one. 

Me: I get it now. I'll have your copy by tomorrow.