Red leaf plum tree

Green leaf something tree

Yasso chocolate frozen yogurt bar

Blue sky, white clouds, to grey clouds, to horizon

One tall tangerine plant in a clay pot, one short

A forefinger, scrolling down the Fangraphs page and pausing now and then

Paintbrushes, dry. Watercolors, closed. Paintings, drying. 

In utero kick

Airplane outside, quiet in. Wind outside, still in. Typing outside, thinking in. 

Toy cars. Ikea alarm clock. Mini ceramic bowls. Three marbles. A running watch in a wood bowl. A broken timer. On the window ledge, blocking the view. 

Clayton Kershaw is not doing super well. This article is talking about how he can't locate his his fastball. This is one of the comments 'is this what it looks like when beauty abandons the world?'

A longitudinal study: How long will it take a man who loves writing and baseball to write about baseball? 

A conjunction, turned to a preposition. Let's try it in another example. I make art and people. I make art about people. I make art in people. I make art for people. A conjunction, turned to a preposition. 

Now the toaster oven is ticking. Like this, ticktickticktickticktick. Faster than the clock ticks. Faster than I tick sometimes. How do you tick?

At 4:11 pm, a 2.5 year old sleeps in the bedroom, two twenty-nine year olds sit awake in the living room and kitchen. One just got out his guitar while he waits for his bread to toast so he can put Trader Joe's queso on it. The other is at her computer. It is late April of 2018. Tonight they will go to her sister's house. The queso toast "isn't bad." Now the one eating queso toast has his head by the one typing. He reads over her shoulders, and she loses track for a moment, becomes self-conscious. Now he's sitting to play guitar. 

Fabriano notebook, black. Stabilo pen, dark green. Hair tie, black, with some wear. Miir vaccuum insulated 23 oz water bottle, white. Wood coasters, natural. Iphone 7, black. Tea cup, green and white, empty. Strathmore watercolor pad, tan. Painters tape, blue. Table, white. Outside, color. 

4:18 on 4/28.